Environmental and energy balances of wood products and substitutes

Acronyms and abbreviations

APAcidification potential
BFHFederal Research Centre for Forestry and Forest Products Hamburg
BUWALFederal Bureau for Environment, Forest and Landscape
COCarbon monoxide
CO2Carbon dioxide
CODChemical oxygen demand
EDC1.2 dichloroethane
EMPASwiss Federal Laboratories for Material Testing and Research
EPEutrophication potential
EPS-MethodEnvironment Priority Strategy in Product Design
GaBiGanzheitliche Bilanzierung/Software program
GJGiga joule
GWPGlobal warming potential
HCHydrogen carbon compounds
IKPInstitute for Synthetics Testing, University of Stuttgart
k-valueHeat transition coefficient
LCALife cycle assessment
LCILife cycle inventory
MDFMedium-density fibreboard
OHtOrdinariat für Holztechnologie (Department for Wood Technology)
OSBOriented strand board
POCPPhotochemical ozone creation potential
PVAcPolyvinyl acetate
PVCPolyvinyl chloride
SO2Sulphur dioxide
VCMVinyl chloride monomer
VOCVolatile organic compounds

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