Bachelor of Engineering in Architecture
Registered Architect, Building Biologist,
Green Star Accredited Professional

Ingo Ratsdorf
BE Arch. Reg. Architect NZ & DE, Building Biologist IBN & BBE
Auckland, New Zealand | Architecture and Planning

I am a registered architect, engineer and building biologist with a passion for sustainability, not only in architecture but in a much broader sense.

My knowledge in ecology, physics and life cycle assessment allows me to develop sustainable procurement and company policies as well as procedures and frameworks.

My company, envirology, provides me with the required research background.

I have always spent much time outdoors, however my passion for sustainable design was triggered whilst studying architecture at the University of Applied Sciences in Frankfurt, Germany where I developed a special interest in building physics and ecology which I further expanded throughout my career.
Due to involvement in heritage projects back in Germany, I developed a broad knowledge of traditional building techniques which have provided me with a unique insight into modern ecological design principles.

I love hands-on building, particularly with timber, clay and lime.
Am a big fan of Life Cycle Assessment, open source software, hiking, mountaineering and scouting.

I love my family, the passive solar house we mostly built ourselves and the village we are living in.
Our whole family strives to live conscious, consume as little resources as possible and be careful with the products we are buying. We buy organic (not only the food), have own chicken, fruit trees and veggie patch, use LED lights and drive two Toyota Prii.

Sustainability is however not about buying organic or having a solar hot water panel. It's a bout a different mindset.
I am educating staff and clients on that matter in an attempt to achieve true sustainability. Not by add-ons, but by creating a deeper understanding of the issues and ultimately a change in behaviour.

Specialties: Life Cycle Assessment, Eco Impact Assessment, Building Material studies and selection, Sustainability, Research

Registered Architect & Building Biologist (2017 - Present)
Babbage Consultants Limited
Privately Held, 51-200, Design

Project Architect, BIM Manager

Trustee (2015 - Present)
Building Biology and Ecology Institute
Non Profit, 2-10, Architecture & Planning

Trustee member of the Building Biology and Ecology Institute
Supporting the Institute and growing the awareness relating to building biology matters.

Want to know more about building biology:

IT Administrator (2012 - Present)
Envirology Ltd.
Privately Held, 2-10, Architecture & Planning

Administering Linux office server and devices, server security, email server, groupware suite and file server, all based on open source.
Continuing to contribute to open source projects like Tine20 and KDE, in particular CalDAV and CardDAV components.
Integration of Thunderbird, Cal/CardDAVSync, Sogo and Outlook CalDavSynchronizer into Tine20 groupware. Writing, extending and creating converters for EmClient, CalDavSync, CalDavSynchronizer to Tine20.

Director (2006 - Present)
Envirology Ltd.
Privately Held, 2-10, Architecture & Planning

Founding director of Envirology Ltd., a sustainable architecture consulting company

Researches into the impact of various construction methods and materials on the environment.