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A mosquito feeding on a human finger

CDC Confirms Lemon Eucalyptus Oil as Effective as DEET

We have always been very concerned about insect repellent and most lights and swirly smoky thingies do not seem to have much effect, particularly when windy. The contents of most insect repellents are scary – surely they will repel or kill insects but it would seem that it may kill yourself or your kids too…

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Is NZ ready for $10b of Chinese cash about to drop on property market?

The Productivity commission did a report in 2012 and outlined many issues, actually a very interesting report to read. Another updated draft report was just released two weeks ago and contains pretty much the same findings. Yet again I note that the issues have not changed in 3 years, are well documented and yet not addressed.

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Auckland Housing crisis – all the wrong assumptions and information

The median house price in Auckland is now at $750K, a number that our family would probably struggle to afford with us two parents working in well advanced positions.
Clearly investors are currently setting the market price as they have access to the required funds, and a CGT will reduce numbers of investors, depending on the level it is set at, freeing the market up for owner buyers.
We actually building larger houses with less people in it and complaining about the cost.

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