Some interesting thoughts about electronics and power consumption. But there is another side of electronics that is so often completely ignored or at least ignored in big parts: EMF.

There’s rightfully much ado about the climate — from extreme weather events, severe droughts and water crises to fossil fuels and the race to renewables. However, there’s far too little talk about electronics and their role in environmental ecosystems.

Source: At the Core of Sustainable Electronics · Environmental Leader · Environmental Management News

Some good starting point. It would be prudent to point to some other aspect of electronics, that is EMF, both by WIFI and dirty electricity, ie spikes, surges and harmonics within the electrical network.
While WIFI is already openly debated and dangers are researched, the dirty electricity phenomenon seem to be widely ignored.

In terms of WIFI, I’d like to add the point that while I am aware of the possible and likely health impacts of it, I am too comfortable to change it and discard it. However my router has a setting that allows for scheduled WIFI and the WIFI switches automatically off over night. Any WIFI devices are kept away from the bedrooms, the kids switch theirs off in the evening.

In terms of dirty electricity, there is not too much one can do other than installing filters. Tests in terms of transients and spikes back into the grid are hardly controlled by regulations and not tested. Fact is you CAN test it and find out retrospectively which device is good or worse.

And in terms of EMF emitted from devices, it would appear that regulations are far too liberal. Most LED and CFL’s are terrible, and so are many power supplies, ie transformers for our lovely gadgets. The one for my laptop is a massive emitter of EMF hence I keep it well away from me.

Rule of thumb: Switch off whatever you do not need, including bluetooth, wifi and transformers.

Need to know more? Have a look at Paul Waddell’s website.

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