Too much, too little – Winter, yet no water

February 2018 was the wettest February on record, 2017 saw the wettest day on record in parts of New Zealand and also the wettest year on record in the Milford Sound. Now, two years later, Auckland is calling its residents to save water – in the middle of winter where we supposedly should have plenty of water.

The city’s total water storage is 25 per cent less than normal for this time of year at 59.2 per cent.

Watercare has asked that “everyone to use water wisely and reduce wastage of this precious resource”

Well, I have been wondering about the very low water rates for years. Maybe time to actually pay the price for the “precious” resource because so far it has been a very cheap resource. Water saving technologies have been around for long and it also will require a bit of thinking and change of habit.

It does not matter why we are having those extremes, fact is we have and need to be able to adjust and get used to it.