In this section you will find some of my daily thoughts and ideas, reactions to news and articles read. Please beware that this will be highly subjective but might also inspire you, the reader.

Twitter and other realtime net applications

I found an interesting article about web 2.0 realtime applications: “web applications that involve constant updates and real-time information — such as many of those on the Twitter platform and especially those supported for mobile — are like the Hummers of web apps, guzzling away energy through continuous server connections for each user”.

Plasic wrapped magazines

This is an email that I sent to AGM Online today: Hi. I will return your latest issue of “landscape” to you. I will no longer accept newspapers and magazines wrapped in plastic foil. For decades magazines were delivered with just a sticker on the back, then followed a paper envelope, then the plastic. I…

HOME a film by Yann Arthus-Bertrand

HOME is an incrediable movie explaining the life on earth, how it started, how everything is interlinked and which part we, humans, play. A movie with the most stunning images showing the beauty of the world, the animals and the human habitat. The sad part is the destruction caused humans, shown in pictures and explained…

CFL lightbulbs – again

I found an article in the NZ Herald, about energy saving lightbulbs. Yes, I know the never ending story. I am still quoting some if it’s contents here: Couple set to save with bulb swap4:00AM Monday Aug 03, 2009 by Eloise Gibson Replacing every lightbulb in their home with an energy efficient version is set…

Emission reduction and climate change

There was an article in the herald online yesterday about greenpeace’s call for emission reduction, the signon website and about the question wether the government should take action. The Herald also aked readers to submit their comments and opinions. The result was pretty much split into two groups: The ones pro and the ones contra.…

eBook readers or eInk

I recently stumbled across eBook readers, the first time actually on Amazon, the Kindle. Amazon has just anounced the second generation, the Kindle2. And while I am writing this, I noticed that they yet again have relesed a newer version, the KindleDX with a battery life of 4 days while being online. Quite impressive.

The Kyoto Protocol and New Zealand

It just happened that I had to make myself familar with the Kyoto Protocol and it’s implications for New Zealand. If you are interested in it, a good resource is at The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade website: