A friend of mine found this one:

Scientific Panel: Global Warming Threatens Society, Warning System Needed

Mass plant and animal extinction a risk, coral reefs could already be doomed

A scientific panel has called for the creation of an early ecological warning system after finding that global warming threatens a polar sea ice collapse, vast dead zones in the ocean and mass plant and animal extinction, possibly having a dire impact on human life.

(Via Time.com)

My personal opinion:

No, not warning systems needed. We had enough warnings, we need action.

Since at least the 70s we have known about it. In those 40 years we went from some treehugger opinion to mainstream acceptance. It’s a painfully slow process. But I guess that’s how evolution works….

It’s at least good to see that more and more companies are doing GHG reporting and even offsetting by investing into renewable projects. Way to go. Have had my employer become certified and got a supplier into it too.

See carboNZero.

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