In this section you will find some of my daily thoughts and ideas, reactions to news and articles read. Please beware that this will be highly subjective but might also inspire you, the reader.

The purpose of citizenship

  I would like to forward a message from Annie Leonard (The Story Of Stuff): I’m at the White House in Washington today, at a forum on social innovation, talking about the importance of flexing our citizen muscles. As you know, I’ve been talking a lot about the power of citizens to make change in…

What still to eat?

According to the latest EcoWatch news, Monsanto and Cargill Aggressively Pursue GE Soy Feed for Factory Fish-Farming Industry. So first we stopped eating meat, be it due to environmental impact (land use, water use, pharmaceuticals, ethical aspects, …) and we thought we could eat fish. Then came the overfishing and the tuna issues, particularly with…

Hybrids in rush hour

This morning I slept too long after a late night yesterday and woke up with the knowledge that I will have to queue in the traffic jam. If I do not leave home at 6:30 in the morning, the likelihood of ending up in rush hour traffic jam is rather high, probably some 90%.