Just some amazing stats from HP. A billion exabytes. And all this data is stored somewhere distributed across  the globe on little spinning magnetic disks… still magnetic disks. Wondering when the change will happen there. I am just imagining in my mind things like power loss, magnetic interferences etc. and our universe is gone. It seems so incredible fragile. Who has not yet lost some data at home?

Few understand just how big “big data” has gotten. Many of us probably still think a terabyte is a lot of data. Today, our digital universe is about four zettabytes. To put that in perspective, while one terabyte can store roughly 100,000 minutes of music, one zettabyte can store just over two billion years of music. By the end of the decade, we’ll be starting to use a unit that few people have ever heard of: the brontobyte — a billion exabytes — or two quadrillion years of music.

via To Handle the Big Data Deluge, HP Plots a Giant Leap Forward | HP.

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