Some time ago I was pointed to an article that outlined the environmental issues and hazards of electric cars. You read the headline above.
Some of the content (please feel free to read the original article):

But while electric cars hold such promise, they are also environmental vandals, especially when the electricity that feeds them comes as it does more often than not from coal-fired and gas-fired power plants, which are themselves global warming bandits.

So says one new study, which concludes that in the current coal and gas reliant electricity landscape, the world is better off simply improving the conventional engine than it is shifting to EVs.

Initial reaction: What a misleading silly title.
If you carry on reading, then it’s getting a bit clearer. They can be bad (of maybe not as good as the could be) to the environment, but that’s not necessarily the case.
At the end of the day, it all depends on your electricity generation. Which we have to change anyway. Many countries are already on a good way, Denmark exceeded their targets already. Not all countries are as bad regarding their energy mix compared to the US.
So my suggestion would be: Clean up your act. Just because power companies are polluting the environment does not mean that cars can continue to do so too. We have to break to chain somewhere.
If you get a EV, make sure you buy power from renewables too. You have the choice. Simple.

Toxic batteries: The battery in my hybrid car is 11 years old. It can be refurbished. Individual cells can be replaced. It drives as well as on day one.
It’s petrol consumption is about 5l/100km or 20km/l. It’s odo is at 250,000km. It saved 12,500 l of petrol over it’s lifetime (based on usually 10l/100km for an “ordinary” car of that size and age).
Does anybody really think that the production of this battery had more impact than those burned 12,500l or petrol? Please get real.
Once the battery will really be at it’s end, it can be recycled. The material is not gone, the 12,500l of petrol are.

via Wreck the environment – drive an electric car – SmartPlanet.

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