After the referendum against asset sales showed that 2/3 people were against asset sales, the National Government can apparently still see no reason to stop the sale.

The New Zealand Herald writes:

Preliminary results of a citizens-initiated referendum, published on Friday, showed two out of three voters opposed asset sales. But only 44 per cent of the public voted, enabling Prime Minister John Key to dismiss the referendum as a “political stunt”.

“Three in four New Zealanders said no, we don’t agree with Labour and the Greens,” Key told media yesterday at Hobsonville Airbase in Auckland.

And the Young Nats have to apparently learn some political correctness and wisdom first as stated in the same article:

The Young Nats went one step further, posting a photo of John Key drinking a beer at a barbecue with the caption: “The provisional results for the asset sales referendum are … who cares, it’s Friday. Have a good one.”

A day before that, the NZ Herald posted a survey on their website regarding Depp Sea Oil Drilling, where a similar number of people (2/3) opposed to the drilling. However the drilling continues and the Government is likewise ignoring those people.

I guess it’s all for the best of the country, as the people are too dumb to make decisions and know what’s best. Doh!

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