It is actually a good question. How do we use our available space and if not used on a daily basis, could we do without? How eay would it be and would we then have to change some of our other areas to compensate for the loss of the other one?

Researchers tracked the use patterns of a family and this is what they found:

Basically, that Family 11 used a small fraction of the available area, with almost all traffic centered in the dining, kitchen and family rooms; the latter room’s activity focused around the TV and computer. Based on the above diagram, I would guestimate that about 400 of the 1000 or so of the first floor’s available square feet are used. The rest of the spaces–the dining room, living room, porch–are, for all intents and purposes, extraneous architecture.

via TreeHugger.

Does this surprise you?

It does not me, one of my questions, particularly to graduates when checking their detailing (I am a detail person) has always been: What do you need this for? And when they started arguing I said: “I did not ask what you want it for, I asked what you need it for.”

So how much of your house are you actually using? Or did you find that there are plenty of areas that you would be using better if design for it?

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