According to the latest EcoWatch news, Monsanto and Cargill Aggressively Pursue GE Soy Feed for Factory Fish-Farming Industry.

So first we stopped eating meat, be it due to environmental impact (land use, water use, pharmaceuticals, ethical aspects, …) and we thought we could eat fish. Then came the overfishing and the tuna issues, particularly with Sealord in the New Zealand context. Bad enough. And now this on top.

Not only that it may (we probably don’t know yet) impact marine life, we are also feeding our feedstock with GE modified food, ie we are indirectly feeding us with it. Whether that’s good or bad is up to any individually, I personally do not like the idea. As history showed many “things” and impacts were only discovered after decades of use, see DDT.

Watch out, Monsanto is also big into GM crops. So soon we cannot eat vegetables either. What’s left then? Grow your own. But be careful where you get the seeds from….

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