“Vegans and vegetarians think they don’t kill animals but they do” – PlayGround+

A rather provocative article. However I am interested in diverse views and learning the odd thing at times.

In his article, The Vegan Confusion, he warns that eating vegetables doesn’t prevent the death of animals. Bertonatti has enraged thousands of vegans and vegetarians, as well as other nature conservationists. However, many who read his article learned something about animal rights that might never have occurred to them otherwise.

Interesting article. And he he’s right. The lesson is: It comes down to the WAY you do things.

And to explain this just with a few words:

  • Monoculture crops are as bad as monoculture lifestock.
  • Feeding crops to animals is just wrong.
  • Lifestock and wildlife can coexist and so can crops and wildlife
  • Crops and lifestock are easy, vegetables are hard work
  • Water can be an issue for lifestock as well as crops and vegetables

and it goes on. The question is not necessarily what is better for the environment, meatotarians or vegetarians or vegans or pescatarians etc, the question is how you produce your food and what the environmental impact is.

For a starter, lets’ stop eating stuff that has been manufactures 30,000km away. Let’s stop monocultures. Let’s look at biodiversity. Let’s avoid non-renewable energy. Let’s conserve water. Make use of the land we have. Use permaculture. Use organic. Etc, etc, etc.


Source: “Vegans and vegetarians think they don’t kill animals but they do” – PlayGround+