Sometimes you can find interesting things on your twitter updates. The one below I found particularly good. It’s a collection of articles, ideas, concepts and thoughts about sustainability, what it is, how it’s defined and what you can do to get into it or get better with it.

Where does this blog come in, and how will it help you?  Given all of this knowledge we have about climate change, we want to share it with you!  If you’re looking for resources on a particular climate change topic, you can come here to find links.  This blog is here to showcase what people are doing all over the world to mitigate and adapt to climate change.  We’ll show you what innovations and steps people, organizations, towns, cities and even countries are taking, to give you great ideas about what you can do in your own home today!
This blog is brought to you by the Bureau of International Information Programs in the United States Department of State.

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