This Device Can Wirelessly Charge Your All Devices at Once From 15 Feet

Wireless charging isn’t a new concept at all, but to charge your devices you are still required to place your phone on the top of charging pad. Quite annoying sometimes when slightly misaligned of a device caused your phone not to charge.Now, imagine you never have to plug in your smartphones again, or technology that charges multiple devices at one time. This is what Energous Corporation is all set to offer you.

Source: This Device Can Wirelessly Charge Your All Devices at Once From 15 Feet

This appeared in the HackerNews yesterday. The comments are quite impressive. You’d think that all those “nerds” (I consider myself as one too and do not use this word in a negative context) would just fly with it.

Surprisingly enough – they don’t. Most comments are rather concerned with safety, health effects and radiation.

I myself would like to know much more about the possible side effects of such a technology. I do not trust it and adhere to the precautionary principle: If they is a chance for it to go wrong – just don’t do it. Especially if your health and life could depend on it.

Previously demonstrated at CES 2015, WattUp works by using a mix of Radio Frequency (RF), Bluetooth and a lot of patent-pending technologies.

WattUp transmitter communicates with and locates compatible devices using a Bluetooth module. Once they are connected to a device, they beam out RF signals that are then converted into DC power by a small chip embedded in the device.

Devices that require charging should be within the range of up to 5m (15 feet) of Wi-Fi signals, just like you use wireless hotspot in your offices or at homes.
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