It really strikes me that the actions we are sometimes doing and the behaviour we are showing sometimes makes no sense whatsoever.

I refer to the latest articles about oil spills, Siberia, Canadian tar sands, burst pipelines and similar articles throughout the press and various environmental newsgroups and websites.

Now, while I appreciate that all this is brought to our attention and demanding that there is more control and less damage, less spills and accidents etc, one must also be willing and ask oneself:

What is the solution?

Is the solution to complain about it all and continue filling up the car at cheap oil’s pump? May I ask the question who of you thought that all those pictures of oil spills, dead animals, dying forest are awful and then went to the petrol station the next day like life continued as usual?

Well, let me tell you, I did. But over time, it hurts and I start wondering. Instead of being part of the problem, I rather would like to be part of the solution. But what could the solution be? I have not found a convincing answer for it.

We already own two Toyota Prii and we have halved our petrol consumption. Not a too bad starter. However I still have to fill up at the pump. Only once a fortnight now, but I still do. I wish I could buy an all-electric car, but I really do not have the money for it and would not even know where to get one from in this country.

One of my ideas I expressed in the Siberian oil spill article:

I am prepared to pay double for my petrol. Are you? Wish there was some sort of “eco transition oil company” that would produce their oil with the most stringent rules and watch the environment as much as you can actually while doing this sort of business. Buying petrol similar as to buying solar and hydro power….
And maybe they would be using their profits to invest into solar, hydro and electric cars etc.

It’s not just a simple matter of telling the big oil companies to stop doing business. You need to have an alternative. Who of you has?
How many of you drive all electric or bike only or would do so? Where I live, there is no public transport and it’s too far to bike. Any ideas?

I am with powershop that allows me to buy the power that I like most. I usually buy Meridian Wind & Hydro. That does not mean the the electrons arriving at my appliances are renewably generated, but it means that I am directly contributing toward renewable energy generation. I am setting a mark stating that I buy renewable and want more of it. I am prepared to pay the higher price to support it.

I wish a similar scheme was available for petrol. I would be okay to pay a higher price per litre and that that revenue would directly be going towards the establishment of renewable energies and electric car development or an all-electric charging network.

Who out there has other ideas?

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