I stumbled across an article Sustainability is dead. While the message in the article is not wrong, it created some interesting discussion.

Those are my thoughts:

Sustainability in itself does not necessarily relate to any reduction. Please look up the definition of “to sustain” and I think you won’t find any mentioning of any “reduction”.
The issue is what people attribute to the word when they talk about it.

I have quite often said that there would be no need to have energy efficiency or lower power consumption _IF_ we would manage to get our electricity “sustainably”, ie not generated in a way that we would cause pollution or use up resources. Then you could use as much as you wanted. We only trying to reduce because it’s the simplest short-term option without changing the system.

However this whole reduction is not about doing good, it’s about doing less bad and therefore is still bad and not sustainable.
Image that I beat up up less or give you less poisoned food… not happy I suspect.

Sustainability about changing the way we do things, not reduction.
So it’s not the word, it’s the attributes.

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