I have been drivings hybrid cars for about a decade now and really like them. They are particularly well suited for mid to long range drives. They are not great for short trips, a plugin Hybrid would be way better for that but has been out of price range for us.

An electric car would be nice, I have driven some and love the concept but realise there are some hooks attached. They are cool for short trips with frequent short plug-ins for recharge. The few people I know or have heard from first hand that own one and attempt to drive long range have not too much positive – yet – to say for various reasons that I really do not want to expand on here – another topic for another time.

Looks like the government plan is to push for more electric cars while taxing SUV and ute users, around 100,000 in New Zealand.

In a bid to increase the uptake of electric vehicles (EVs), the Government will give rebates or discounts of up to $8625 for newly imported electric and plug-in hybrid vehicles from July 1. Used EVs will fetch discounts of up to $3450.
The Government has come under fire from farmers and tradies who say the incentive scheme is an unfair tax on them as no electric alternatives are available for their work vehicles.
"We're hoping within the next 12 to 24 months the likes of Toyota are talking about EV utes," Ardern told The AM Show.
Toyota NZ chief executive Neeraj Lala said the company had no plans for an electric Hilux ute within the next 24 months.
"It is irresponsible to suggest that customers stop buying non-electric vehicles immediately until there is an electric option available," Lala said.


At the same time, most coal boilers would need to go by 2037 under Government plan. This is likely to increase electricity demand, just like more EV’s would do.

On the other side, Huntley just turned its 3rd coal boiler back on for the winter demand.

Huntly has four Rankines. Two are operational and the third had been in storage. The fourth has been decommissioned and is used for parts.

Genesis said it would make the third Rankine available from February 22 to September 30, 2021.

NZ Herald

As I am writing this, the North Island is generating 3,033MW, of which 712MW is gas, 473MW is coal/gas, a total of 1,185MW non-renewable, with only 174MW Wind. Makes a total of 39% that is not renewable for the North Island. Looks better if you include the South Island though, makes currently a total NZ of 25% non-renewable.

Source: Power System Live Data


So my question is really:
What happens when we now push for nore electric vehicles while there’s a lack of supply – especially in utes than can actually pull stuff.

Most (somewhat) electric SUVs/utes currently available like the Outlander PEV can tow 900kg, nothing much else seems currently around.

Chargesmart is giving us an overview of electric utes.

[..] a list of electric alternatives to swap into in the near future. And don’t worry mate, it will still handle the hills and has enough range for your runs to the back paddock, boat ramp or local bakery.


But you need to read carefully what the expectations are.

Firstly, arriving in the next couple years is the SsangYong electric ute.
The Rivian R1T is an exciting truck that we hope comes to the New Zealand market.
In 2022 comes the Ford F-150 Lightning, the Ford classic that is now all electric. 480km of range, dual motor, 4x4 plus it includes all the tech you now come to expect from an EV. [..] Sadly there is yet to be any announcement of this model reaching our shores, or of an electric Ford Ranger, a model many are familiar with.
The futuristic Tesla Cybertruck continues to be talked about.
Of course we have seen from the Prime Minister's blunder that New Zealand’s leading ute dealer, Toyota, is not planning on rolling out an electric Hilux anytime soon.
Toyota recently announced their first concept the BZ4X, an electric SUV, which aims to be launched in 2022 in partnership with Subaru.


So a lot of hope and will be’s.

There’s currently nothing around, that can replace a Hilux or Ranger etc in terms of towing capacity and utility, yet the government is taxing the users of such utes. Agreed, some people would not need a towing capacity of 3+ tonnes, but I am one of those people that has two horses and just the empty float makes it to 650kgs, then you add 2x horses @ ~600 kg each, so you end up with something like 2 tonnes. We also need a little digger typically 2x a year for drain, driveway and paddock maintenance. That’s 2-3 tonnes as well.
A lot of tradies will be in for a similar situation. I am lucky enough that I do not have a boat 😉

Now I get that only NZ new vehicles are getting taxed and I always had 2nd hand cars anyway. So there’s a glimpse of hope: If you need a new ute, then you will need to pay. Buy 2nd hand.

One can just hope that the money goes straight into EV subsedies, renewable energy and charging stations and not being used to fill some other gaps.

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