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Tie up flattened paper and cardboard with string or put in a plastic bag no larger than your blue recycling bin.  Flattened card or paper can also be placed in sealed cardboard boxes, as long as the box is no larger than your blue bin.

I sent the following email to Rodney Distric Council (or maybe Auckland Council – who knows)

I left three sealed cardboard boxes with paper at the kerb this morning. Two were picked up on my return, the larger was not.
The box left is smaller than the recycling box. I can provide photographs and measurements of both the recycling and the cardboard box.
The paper recycling is a real travesty and we had so many issues in the past with it.
I cannot understand what the problem is. Do you honestly want people to buy plastic bags to put their paper in? Do you want people to buy plastic wrapping tape to wrap everything together?
Why is is so difficult to pick up some cardboard boxes with paper?
The whole paper recycling is a travesty with ecology turned upside down when I have to wrap everything in virgin plastic first in order to have THE PAPER recycled and the plastic most probably thrown away.
Are there any plans to bring some more logic into the system?
And can you please send someone to pick up that box?

Ingo Ratsdorf

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