All of us know that using rechargeable batteries is much cheaper in the long run and much better for the environment. But we also know the daily problem:

  • You want to use your digital camera but the batteries are flat. The ones you recharged four weeks ago and which were laying around in some cupboard that you were about to use, turn out to be flat yet again.
  • Your beloved child has a friend over for a play but the batteries in the remote controled car they want to play with are flat and you are about to tell them that they will take eigth hours to recharge.

Not so good!

Now, there might be a silver lining at the horizon.

Panasonic just launched their rechargeable Evolta range in NZ. They come precharged and are ready to us. They promise to keep their charge longer, having about 80% left after a year.

So basically, use them and recharge them after use, put them away, ready for next use when you need them. A convenience only known from traditional throw-away batteries.

They are the same price as other rechargeable batteries and about 5 times the price of ordinary batteries but can be recharged some 1000 times, ergo 200 times cheaper than your ordinary ones.

Countdown sells the AA range, according to Pananasonic they have only introduced AA and AAA batteries. No information on 9V blocks.

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