Over the last few days, I learned a bit about Matariki, the Maori New Year.

My personal thoughts:

From Matariki – time for renewal, NZ Herald:

Whanau would gather together in the whare tupuna (ancestral house) in the period from the full moon until the new moon (Matariki).

Here they would have a korero or discussion time, reflecting on events and activities in the past year. It was a time to think about how things could be improved, to air and resolve grievances and to learn from successes or failures for the year to come.

Maybe a good idea for our family too, to talk about the past and look into the future, with all the changes that came with the year and all the other changes to come – new house, starting school for my young one, new (high-)school for my older one.

Our lives are changing so fast that we sometimes should look back and reflect. Reflect about the things that worked and the things that did not.

And that both in terms of family and business.

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