There has been a lot of confusion around the retrofitting of fluorescent tubes with LED lighting tubes. But there is is a standard now.

The standard traditional FL tube has two ends, both wired up to power supply. The tube is powered by a ballast that ensures correct startup and voltage.

When those tubes are replaced by LED tubes, the ballast is usually removed and replaced by a driver that converts AC to DC for the LED tube. However, some of those tubes are powered from one end and other from both ends and even others have it combined from both ends. Which makes future replacements very dangerous when a single end powered LED tube is replaced by a double end power tube and vice versa.

Hence standards for LED tubes are needed.

There is a new led tube standard in UK and EU. The LED tube must be connected to one end and the owner of the tube must carry the CE mark for the converted fitting. Saftey information must comply.

UL has decided to standardize around single end powering of LED tubes in the USA as well. If the tube isn’t powered on one end only, it’s not UL certified.

So that’s great news that USA and the EU are sharing the same standard.

More Information: LED Retrofit Kits: New Standard UL1598c


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