Registrations are open for the online course:
BBE Certificate in Ecological Building and Design at

This online study programme covers the fundamental concepts of Ecological Building and Design. It is suitable as a complement to existing careers in building and design, or for those who wish to build or renovate. The course is designed to challenge and change the way we live and work in the world and nurture a respect for living in harmony with the natural environment.

The course consists of 5 Modules, approximately 80 hours each, for a total of 400 study hours.

Module 1: Principles of Ecological Building and Design – Learn about the fundamental Principles and how to assess existing buildings for health and sustainability.

Module 2: Building and Site Design – Learn about Bio Harmonic design, permaculture and eco community options and apply them to a small design project.

Module 3: Materials and Construction – Learn to assess building materials and explore alternative options such as naturally durable timbers, earth and straw bale building.

Module 4: Energy and Renewable Energy – Learn about passive solar design, energy efficiency and renewable energy sources and design your own energy system.

Module 5: Water and Wastewater – Learn about rainwater harvesting, water conservation, compost toilets and waste water systems and design your own water system.

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