On July 17th, Annie Leonard will be releasing her new movie, The Story of Change.
She sent me an email about what to expect with the release of a 30-second teaser for the movie.

Annie was inspired to make The Story of Change by the thousands of people who’ve asked her what they can do to change the system she described in The Story of Stuff.

When she has asked what they think they can do, she often met with individualistic or consumer-identified ideas: ‘I can buy fair trade.’ ‘I can take a reusable bag to the store.’ ‘I can ride my bike.’

While those are all good things to do, Annie has grown increasingly worried that we’ve started to forget about the real source of our power as changemakers: coming together as engaged citizens.

You can help us spread the word about The Story of Change by sharing the teaser with your friends, family and colleagues right now.

The Story Of Change Trailer


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