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Things one would not have expected

APL Klima Standard 76 by Koemmerling

For years the aluminium industry in NZ was fighting uPVC. Arguments were that it would not last or that it would only come in white, amongst others. All that despite them having been around in Europe for half a century and most window manufacturers there have both aluminium and uPVC in their range.

I have done some extensive research on uPVC windows and I still prefer them over the aluminium for various reasons, however that would be a separate article.

Today I have had news of a NZ first: One of the leading NZ aluminium window manufacturers is taking uPVC windows into their range. And they look terribly familiar. It’s the Koemmerling range, that had been around in NZ for some time. Not quite sure yet who stroke a deal with whom, nevertheless some advancement and great news.

So here’s a link to the the original article on eBoss news.

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