How we design

Again and again I am astonished as to how long it takes for a great idea for a design until it becomes mainstream.
It likewise amazes me how we design things on a daily basis, the things that are not the great inventions but just things like buildings and infrastructure.

More electric cars on market than you and I thought

Despite of having never seen any, there seem to be more electric cars on the market than I knew. And you probably did not know either.
We can clearly see a transition happening here from good old petrol only via hybrids (the second generation Toyota Prius dates back to 2000), then plug-in hybrids with an important gap-filler like the Chevrolet Volt being primary an electric car with backup power generator to plain electric cars, all which are already on the market. The transition is complete.

Petrol Consumption

Our Hybrid car

I have been driving “Paul” now for a year, a second generation model Prius, built in 2001, so about 12 years old.
Despite of people’s fear of ageing batteries, costly battery replacements and the funny belief that it may be not a “real” car, slow etc, it is beautiful to drive, can speed around corners (probably due to the low mounted battery pack), has easy steering, can make a U-turn on a street, can zoom into small car parks and is very silent.