Crickhowell: Welsh town moves ‘offshore’ to avoid tax on local business

When independent traders in a small Welsh town discovered the loopholes used by multinational giants to avoid paying UK tax, they didn’t just get mad. Now local businesses in Crickhowell are turning the tables on the likes of Google and Starbucks by employing the same accountancy practices used by the world’s biggest companies, to move their entire town “offshore”.

Auckland Housing crisis – all the wrong assumptions and information

The median house price in Auckland is now at $750K, a number that our family would probably struggle to afford with us two parents working in well advanced positions.
Clearly investors are currently setting the market price as they have access to the required funds, and a CGT will reduce numbers of investors, depending on the level it is set at, freeing the market up for owner buyers.
We actually building larger houses with less people in it and complaining about the cost.

Solar Energy : This Is What A Disruptive Technology Looks Like

Imagine that solar energy was cheaper than any other energy source. Now imagine that this actually happened a few years ago.I don’t know how accurate the research and logic behind the joulestandard is, however it seem to be making sense.If correct, we can expect disruptions – and changes – in just a few years. Maybe this is why the oil price has come down – it simply had to in order to remain competitive. Interesting theory.

Harvard Fossil Fuel (un-)Divestment Statement

Fossil fuel divestment  has been a big subject lately. Several large institutions and companies have moved away from any fossil fuel investment (divested).

And yet Harvard is happily investing into it or accepting money from such industries, even despite of petitions from staff and students and own Harvard articles. Why? Money rules, at any price for the advancement of education.