Ecologist Mike Joy: critic and conscience award

With a growing number of lakes and rivers unsafe for swimming eco-warrior Dr Mike Joy is determined to get people to think about cleaning up our waterways. The Massey University freshwater ecologist has spent many years trying to raise public awareness of the state of our water environments. Now the senior lecturer in Ecology and Environmental Science has become the first recipient of an award recognising the role of “critic and conscience” in society.

Fruit tattoos set to replace stickers and plastic packaging as growers seek labelling alternatives – ABC Rural – ABC News

Plastic labels are set to become a thing of the past, though, as farmers listen to consumer demand for less packaging. Tattoos on fruit are set to replace stickers as farmers seek out environmentally-friendly alternatives to labels for produce that already comes in its own natural packaging. Fruits with printed skins are already on supermarket…

Carbon Footprint of beef

Via Ecofriendly Company, 27-04-2010
According to the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations, animal husbandry contributes more to global warming than the whole of the transport sector. This news is also significant to many canteens and restaurants. The employees favourite: steak as a climate killer? 51% (study by Worldwatch Institute) of all CO2 emissions worldwide are caused by the production, transport and processing of foodstuffs. The share of meat production in CO2 emissions is 50 times higher that that of vegetable production.