Stripping the land

Why are we sinking so much money and time into reshaping the land? Why can’t we just do subdivisions the good old way? Remove some trees, put pegs in, highlight your building platform and leave it to the buyer to decide what to do instead of spending all this money to strip, get “reimbursed” by the buyer and have him planting again.

The Incredible Story Of How The Burj Khalifa’s Poop is Trucked Out of Town

You’d think that the world’s tallest building – a structure that requires amazingly complex engineering and technology to reach its heights – would have an equally impressive sewage system. Unfortunately, that’s not the case because it isn’t hooked up to a municipal wastewater treatment system – so when you poop in the Burj Khalifa, that waste is actually trucked out of the city.

Sick of green buildings

I am seriously starting to get sick of all those green buildings going up. They have the same design as all other buildings, they have the same materials than most other buildings and  many of them generate the same rubbish as other buildings. Being green just because you use low VOC adhesive? Or because you…