building biology

Leaky & cold homes, mould and climate change

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Acoustic dividers that are fit for building biology

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Design your own eco house workshop short movie

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Smart Homes – dumb devices and people in between

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At the Core of Sustainable Electronics

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This Device Can Wirelessly Charge Your All Devices at Once From 15 Feet

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Ingo @ Green Living Show: Smarter House Design – Affordable And Sustainable Homes For New Zealand

I will be presenting at the Green Living Show 2015 at the ASB Showgrounds, Greenlane, Room 3, 10:30 am on Sunday 28… Read More

BBE Certificate in Ecological Building and Design

Registrations are open for the online course: BBE Certificate in Ecological Building and Design at http://bbe.org.nz/education This online study programme… Read More

Do we rate environmentally?

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What is Building Biology

Building biology researches the impact of the building environment on human health, and applies this knowledge to the construction, or… Read More