At the Core of Sustainable Electronics

Some interesting thoughts about electronics and power consumption. But there is another side of electronics that is so often completely ignored or at least ignored in big parts: EMF.There’s rightfully much ado about the climate — from extreme weather events, severe droughts and water crises to fossil fuels and the race to renewables. However, there’s far too little talk about electronics and their role in environmental ecosystems.Source: At the Core of Sustainable Electronics · Environmental Leader · Environmental Management NewsSome good starting point. It would be prudent to point to some other aspect of electronics, that is EMF, both by WIFI and dirty electricity, ie spikes, surges and harmonics within the electrical network. While WIFI is already openly debated and dangers are researched, the dirty electricity phenomenon seem to be widely ignored.

This Device Can Wirelessly Charge Your All Devices at Once From 15 Feet

Wireless charging isn’t a new concept at all, but to charge your devices you are still required to place your phone on the top of charging pad. Quite annoying sometimes when slightly misaligned of a device caused your phone not to charge.Now, imagine you never have to plug in your smartphones again, or technology that charges multiple devices at one time. This is what Energous Corporation is all set to offer you.

Ingo @ Green Living Show: Smarter House Design – Affordable And Sustainable Homes For New Zealand

I will be presenting at the Green Living Show 2015 at the ASB Showgrounds, Greenlane, Room 3, 10:30 am on Sunday 28 June. The subject will be: “Smarter House Design – Affordable And Sustainable Homes For New Zealand”.Executive Summary: Land and resources become scarcer and more expensive, energy usage hikes while greenhouse gas emission continues to rise.…

BBE Certificate in Ecological Building and Design

Registrations are open for the online course:
BBE Certificate in Ecological Building and Design at
This online study programme covers the fundamental concepts of Ecological Building and Design. It is suitable as a complement to existing careers in building and design, or for those who wish to build or renovate. The course is designed to challenge and change the way we live and work in the world and nurture a respect for living in harmony with the natural environment.