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People are getting more electricity from solar panels than coal, or do they?

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The independent has featuring one of those many articles about how great solar energy is and how much the UK was getting out of them: From April to September.

Source: Solar panels surpass coal-fired electricity in previously ‘unthinkable’ feat

Well, yes. It is quite easy to generate electricity in summer with long sunny days. It high coal usage was in February and it would be quite interesting to see how the graph will look like in Feb next year again. My assumption is that solar will go down again and coal will go up again. That is the nature of solar, sun, the seasons and people’s habits. Unless a good mix of renewables will be provided, sun alone won’t cut it and there are only a few options for boosting peak demands in the electricity grid, one of which is coal (amongst gas and nuclear). One renewable option would be geothermal (not sure whether the UK is featuring any of that) or water (again probably not much of it).

People may refer back to the issues Germany had in winter after similar great solar headlines in summer.

keys remain: STORAGE and MIX.

See https://www.technologyreview.com/s/601514/germany-runs-up-against-the-limits-of-renewables/


Ingo Ratsdorf:
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