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Looking for Christmas presents? Support this fellow then…

My son Janus is currently doing fundraising for his 2013 north island Scout Jamboree in December 2013. Jamboree is a massive 10 day camp with 4,000+ SCOUTS that will be a massive adventure and learning experience for all attending.
However, this is expensive and his parents are of the opinion that he has to do some work for it.

He is an environmentally aware fellow, so he decided to put together some gift baskets for Christmas, containing fair trade products, many of them organic as well. They are presented in woven flax baskets, all hand woven by himself.
The gift baskets also contain some note pads, made from reused paper (one side has been printed on, so you can use the other side). He has made those pads himself in collaboration with Lovenotes(*1).

Some gift packs also contain IdealCups, New Zealand’s first reusable, ‘barista grade’ takeaway cup designed & manufactured right here in Aotearoa.

Finally, he decided that any surplus money would go to Riverhead School to turn it into an Enviro School(*2).

By buying from his shop you will not only support the good cause of fair trade but also receive high quality, environmentally conscious  products without any of those debatable additives but also support him going to the jamboree.

All items will be delivered from 18 December to participating offices Please get in touch with us regarding pickup options or shipping.
Current pickup locations in Auckland:

Also please get in touch with me if you like any special gift baskets made up from any of the other items.

His shop can be found at http://janus.ratsdorf.dyndns.org

Lovenotes are pads that are made from reused paper in the Lovenotes factory.
Lovenotes creates brilliant stationery for you, from your own waste paper. Our services assist your organisation with waste minimisation, stationery solutions, social responsibility, and more. However you choose to approach Lovenotes and our services, we can assist your regenerative journey in the way that suits you best.

The Enviroschools Foundation is a charitable trust that provides leadership, support, and opportunities that empower children and young people to work in intergenerational ways to create healthy, peaceful and resilient communities.
As an independent organisation we ensure continuous support for young people participating in environmental sustainability, regardless of changing political priorities.

Ingo Ratsdorf:
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