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Junk and throw-aways

It’s the time of the year again. Everyone is rushing to buy Christmas presents and the amount of things on special is very tempting. Yet we should question some of the things that are on offer. I have just picked some examples that came across my way.

Tile mate allows you to find your stuff with your phone. Or to find your phone if you have the tile. Works with bluetooth.

Now there are a few issues around this. Firstly, the bluetooth is always on. There is always radiation, which is not that great for your health, after all it’s microwaves. It does not cause cancer, but it causes all sorts of issues, too many to be reiterated here. For more information, try a search or look at Paul Waddell’s info fact sheet.

Apart from that, that little gadget contains a battery and that battery lasts for a year and cannot be replaced. So not only that you pay a considerable amount of money for this nifty device (NZ$50 at the writing of this if on special), it only lats a year and then you will need to dispose of it. And we all know where it ends up in NZ: Landfill.

So you are paying $50 every year to risk health effects, just to throw it away into the ground where it may potentially cause contamination – there’s no information regarding the battery or contents.

More to come as I stumble across them…

Ingo Ratsdorf:
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