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Japanese Convenience Stores Look to Introduce PV Systems, Electric Cars

Hideyoshi Kume, Nikkei Electronics, 2 June 2009

The Japan Franchise Association (JFA) announced its plans to introduce solar power generation systems and electric vehicles at convenience stores as part of its measures against global warming.

The numerical targets disclosed this time are based on the plans of 12 major convenience chains that are affiliated with JFA.

Solar power generating systems will be introduced at about 1,500 convenience stores within three years. In fiscal 2009, proving tests will be carried out at 20 to 30 directly-managed stores.

In respect to electric vehicles, JFA is planning to introduce 50 to 60 vehicles in fiscal 2009 and to increase the number to about 200 in three years. Also, it aims to install a total of 10 to 20 electric vehicle charging stations in fiscal 2009 and to increase the number to about 100 in three years.

In addition, LED lights will be utilized for sign boards and interior lighting in 500 to 600 stores by the end of fiscal 2009, with the aim of introducing them at about 4,500 stores in three years.

The convenience store chains are still considering their plans. As a result, the stores that will be participating in the proving tests and the scale of the tests have yet to be decided.

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