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Intensification – quick thoughts

So let me ask the question again: WHY are we intensifying? So people live in intensified living quarters, to move over intensified motorways into the intensified city centers for work…
Meanwhile Auckland Transport is suggesting to decrease the bus frequencies out West where some of the intensified housing areas are, pushing more cars over the motorways.
Because our living areas are so intensified, we have to shop for our fruit and vegetables in intensified supermarkets on the way to or from work.
Trouble is that much development is happening on the once arable land around the city and the food has to be trucked in from further away. Water tanks disappearing for town water supply that has to be pumped in and sewage that has to be pumped out. There is less option and space for local energy generation and food growing.
Are we really designing with the future in mind?
Are we really envisaging that we can continue to travel to work every morning for an hour?
Why are we heating our houses just to leave for work to heat and cool our workplace to leave it again and go home to heat the home again?
Has anybody considered that telecommuting may increase? Has anybody considered that when people move to more sustainable transport options (not diesel buses but electric cars) that the emissions will be vanishing and the only limiting factor will be congestion that is less likely to happen with the before mentioned telecommuting?
All of a sudden we would not need city rail links any more or wide motorways that are built for peaktime traffic. It’s also an opportunity to redefine what Auckland is and how Auckland “city” looks like. Why not having Westgate city and Henderson city and Papakura city, …
Why do we all have to go downtown to work every morning?

Ingo Ratsdorf:
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