Who's keen to Design their own Eco Home?

Whether you're thinking of planning an eco home, or simply would like to learn more about sustainable building practices, this weekend workshop is highly recommendable.
Get in touch with us to register interest for a workshop in March 2017, at this stage we target the weekend of the 25/26 of March 2017 - venue and numbers permitting. Register interest on google forms below.

Also watch the short movie that was recorded at last year's workshop.

For those wanting to find out more about eco building and creating a concept plan for their project this two-day workshop will be a very positive way to spend a weekend! Our architects and designers present up-to-date practical knowledge on building an eco home, and help guide you through the design process to develop a concept plan for your project. Participating with a project, your key benefit will be taking home a concept plan of your project, incorporating some of the latest eco materials and systems. As well as a fantastic workshop for home owners, it is also valuable for any building industry professionals (e.g. builders, designers, planners, real estate agents,...). Over the two days six intensive theory sessions are presented covering all the key current eco building concepts, principles and the BBE process around planning and designing your home.  Each theory session is followed by a design session focused on the theory just taught.  Your design is progressed during these design sessions – at the end of the workshop you get to take away a concept floor plan for your new home. This workshop will present inspirational and practical information about healthier, happier and more sustainable building.  You will learn about what is involved in designing an Eco Home and venture in the process involved in building one.  Close interaction with experienced designers will help you to develop ideas for your own home and by the end of the workshop, each participant who enrolled with a project, will have a conceptual plan of their project.

Workshop Categories

There are two ways of participating in the workshop, these are either with or without a project.  Coming along without a project, you get to observe and also take part in the design sessions, learn the design process and gather information. Attending with a project, you get to develop your design ideas over the weekend and also gather all the information.  After the workshop you take your sketch/concept design away.

Without A Project:

  • Observe and also take part in the design sessions
  • Learn about the design process
  • Gather information and make clear decisions

With A Project And A Section, Your Land

  • Develop your design ideas specific to your site
  • Learn about the design process
  • Gather information and make clear decisions
  • Completed sketch/concept design of your home and your land
  • Take your sketch/concept design away

With A Project And No Section.

  • All of 2 above but your land is theoretical.
  • We design your ideal section/site with you during the workshop. The theoretical site is a perfect way to manifest a real site in the future

Workshop Fees

  • Single participating "without a project"   NZD $210*
  • Single participating "with a project"   NZD $650*
  • Family or Couple participating "without a project"   NZD $400*
  • Family or Couple participating "with a project"   NZD $680*
  • Site Visit,  within 30 minute drive of your site from the venue  NZD $350*

*NOTE 1) All fees are indicative at this stage inclusive of GST. 2) Site visits generally within a 30 minute drive from the venue are included in the fee and greater travel is charged at $0.77/km This is negotiable.


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