There so many discussions going on about LED vs CFL’s. The latest one I just discovered on LinkedIn. I posted the following as a comment there:

I have used only very few CFL’s due to all the issues around them, ie light up time, mercury & phosphor. I also found that they do not last that long as advertised. This may be a particular problem where I live, in New Zealand. The power grid has a lot of fluctuations which may kill CFL’s prematurely. More importantly, there is no recycling scheme for them, meaning that all the toxins will be dumped to landfill. We have done calculations of how much soil a single CFL will poison and it’s staggering!

I used to use many halogens but I am gradually replacing them with LED’s now.

The price has come down significantly, I now pay NZ$65 for a complete tiltable downlight with driver, 7W equivalent to 50W halogen (which is MY finding, not the reps!).

The higher power usage of the old halogens never bothered my too much – it was rather a self imposed incentive to “upgrade” to LED’s. The power that we buy is (supposedly) all renewable, wind and hydro with a mix of geothermal.

So we believe at least… 😉

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