Aussies offer answer to toxic old TVs

New Zealand Herald, 01 June 2009 Australia’s first television glass recycling plant is calling for Kiwis’ old tellies, as environmental organisations on both sides of the Tasman try to stem the flow of toxic TVs to rubbish dumps. Increasing numbers of people are dumping lead-containing cathode-ray tube televisions as they buy new flat-screen and digital…


The Kyoto Protocol and New Zealand

It just happened that I had to make myself familar with the Kyoto Protocol and it’s implications for New Zealand. If you are interested in it, a good resource is at The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade website:

Global warming proof undeniable

New Zealand Herald, Monday May 11, 2009 Michel Jarraud, Secretary-General of the World Meteorological Organisation in Geneva, responds to a recent article by Chris de Freitas questioning global warming. The observed increase in global surface temperatures is unequivocal and a clear manifestation of global warming. That conclusion comes in particular from 150 years of data…


Solar Energy Performance With Plastic Solar Cells Improved With New Method

ScienceDaily, Feb. 27, 2009 The University of Alberta and the National Research Council’s National Institute (NINT) for Nanotechnology have engineered an approach that is leading to improved performance of plastic solar cells (hybrid organic solar cells). The development of inexpensive, mass-produced plastic solar panels is a goal of intense interest for many of the world’s…