Residential Rating Tool

Work is now underway to develop a single rating tool to assess the comfort and performance of New Zealand’s new and existing homes. A partnership has been formed between the New Zealand Green Building Council (NZGBC), BRANZ, and Beacon Pathway to develop a system that will assess the performance of our homes, provide information for…


New World scraps plastic bag levy

By LAURA BASHAM – The Nelson Mail, via, last updated 13:00 21/10/2009 New World supermarkets in the South Island have dropped their 5-cent plastic bag charge because of customer complaints. The backtrack follows New World’s lower North Island supermarkets scrapping the charge just a month after it was introduced in August to encourage shoppers…


A Comparative Life Cycle Assessment of Building Insulation Products made of Stone Wool, Paper Wool and Flax

Insulation of buildings is an important technology for saving heating energy and for a sustainable development. The results of a comparative LCA study of three insulation products applied for roof insulation are summarised in two parts. The products selected are based on HT stone wool representing traditional products – flax representing crop grown products and…


Ecostore plastic packaging

Below is an email I sent to EcoStore today. I am still concerned about their plastic packaging and it unfortunately hasn’t chnaged over the years. I have asked about refilling already in the store about two years ago and was told that there were no plans to chnage the packaging or to refill them.

Twitter and other realtime net applications

I found an interesting article about web 2.0 realtime applications: “web applications that involve constant updates and real-time information — such as many of those on the Twitter platform and especially those supported for mobile — are like the Hummers of web apps, guzzling away energy through continuous server connections for each user”.