The BBE Certificate in Ecological Building and Design is open for 2017 enrolments. Intake 1 starts on 6th February. Please consider devoting some time in 2017 to learning more about healthy and sustainable building – the planet will love you for it! Otherwise you could send this information onto someone you think might be interested.Last year the course underwent a significant upgrade, with changes to the structure and the content. The Modules are now 8 weeks each with one week break in between each Intake. This means you can finish the course within a calendar year. There are three assignments for each Module, two smaller ones and one larger one, with hand-ins at the two, four and eight week finish.

The content has been thoroughly revised and updated and we have added a lot more video content. It is looking pretty spectacular!

There are more details on the BBE website (, go to the Education page. If you would like to enrol you can do so directly from the website, just follow the directions.

Why do the Certificate in Ecological Building and Design?

This course is unique in the world as it introduces you to the whole spectrum of eco building, including health, sustainability and harmonious living aspects. From high tech to low tech, from strawbale building to tree planting, from passive houses to solar ovens, from ecocommunities to electromagnetic pollution, it is all there! The assignments are largely practical based, so that you can work towards creating your dream eco lifestyle or business.

The course gives you a great grounding in the subject, which you can apply to your design or building or health profession, or the design and build of your own dream eco home.

BBE certificate graduates network and collaborate with each other around NZ and the world, creating exciting work and project opportunities together, or sharing their eco building experiences. With this Certificate on your CV you can apply for jobs with BBE certified companies, or you can promote a distinctive point of difference for your architecture, draughting or construction business.


    1. Hi Morgan,
      The Education page of the BBE website has all the dates, Intake 2 starts today but it doesn’t matter if someone is a bit late. The dates are:

      Intake 1: Starts 6 February
      Intake 2: Starts 10 April
      Intake 3: Starts 12 June
      Intake 4: Starts 14 August
      Intake 5: Starts 16 October

  1. That’s great. I know I’m late but would still like to enrol. What are the fees and how do I enrol?

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