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Bay of Plenty gets New Zealand’s first ‘perfect 10’ Homestar house

A home under construction in Papamoa has just become the first in the country to achieve the highest possible rating of 10 Homestar. [..]

While I always like great sustainable buildings, I am also very careful with achievements vs. cost. After all, economics are part of sustainability as well but let’s not go into too much debate about this now.

The 230 sqm showhome in Palm Springs, Papamoa is due for completion in July 2015. [..] “We have calculated our 10 Homestar home would save the average four-person Tauranga family $3,198.68 per year. [..]

The 10 Homestar design home will be priced around $785,000 when marketed.[..]

Source: Bay of Plenty gets New Zealand’s first ‘perfect 10’ Homestar house

That would be more than 3,400$/m2, a rather solid price at the time when many young Aucklanders struggle to buy their first home. Likewise they struggle to find anything to rent that does not resemble a shed. The ones who already have a house which they call their own are the lucky ones. Unfortunately sustainability seem to be for the upper classes.

We still struggle to deliver good and affordable houses in New Zealand, particularly in Auckland.


Ingo Ratsdorf:
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