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Acoustic dividers that are fit for building biology

Acoustic dividers from the side

Recently, the IBN (the Institute for Building Biology and Sustainability) built a new building to host themselves. There’s lots of interesting things on their website, too many to translate and post about.

I just stumbled across this short but sweet one on acoustic office screens, so decided to pass it on and translate it.

In order to increase acoustic qualities in the upstairs open plan office, the IBN wanted to install acoustic dividers between desks. However as they could not find any supplier of a suitable product that would have ticked all the building biology boxes, they decided to design those themselves and have it manufactures by a local fabricator.

Construction is as follows:

  • Frame from pine
  • Insulation from coconut fibres and molleton (100% cotton)
  • Cover 100% wool felt
  • Fixings: metal staples, screws and velcrow

Some pictures:

Detail sample
Finished acoustic panel
Acoustic dividers from the side

Ingo Ratsdorf:
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