Ecostore plastic packaging

Below is an email I sent to EcoStore today. I am still concerned about their plastic packaging and it unfortunately hasn’t chnaged over the years. I have asked about refilling already in the store about two years ago and was told that there were no plans to chnage the packaging or to refill them.

Greenpeace protest won’t shift Fonterra or PM

17/09/2009 by NZPA via Both Prime Minister John Key and dairy giant Fonterra are turning a deaf ear to Greenpeace activists’ demands following yesterday’s dramatic protest off the Port of Tauranga. Up to 14 Greenpeace protesters boarded the Hong Kong-registered freighter East Ambition, lashing themselves to cranes and the anchor, preventing the ship from…

Twitter and other realtime net applications

I found an interesting article about web 2.0 realtime applications: “web applications that involve constant updates and real-time information — such as many of those on the Twitter platform and especially those supported for mobile — are like the Hummers of web apps, guzzling away energy through continuous server connections for each user”.

Plasic wrapped magazines

This is an email that I sent to AGM Online today: Hi. I will return your latest issue of “landscape” to you. I will no longer accept newspapers and magazines wrapped in plastic foil. For decades magazines were delivered with just a sticker on the back, then followed a paper envelope, then the plastic. I…