What is Building Biology

Building biology researches the impact of the building environment on human health, and applies this knowledge to the construction, or modification, of homes and workplaces and the holistic interaction between human life with our environment.

Homes or dwellings can be seen as organisms. The term third skin accurately describes the intimate relationship between humans and their living space. It vividly illustrates how closely we are interrelated with our living environment and also in how many ways we are dependent on it.

We define building biology as the study of the holistic interrelationships between humans and their living environment.

There are 25 principles in Building Biology that have to be considered, comprised from ecological, biological, spiritual, aesthetic, social and community principles.

Pentagon Declares War on Climate Change, or not?

U.S. Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel is speaking in Peru today about how climate change impacts national security.

We see an Arctic that is melting, meaning that most likely a new sea lane will emerge,” he said. “We know that there are significant minerals and natural deposits of oil and natural gas there. That means that nations will compete for those natural resources. That’s never been an issue before. You couldn’t get up there and get anything out of there. We have to manage through what those conditions and new realities are going to bring in the way of potential threats.

I can read between the lines and see the US venturing out into the arctic and extracting oil and whathaveyou. The so-called threats
can probably be turned into opportunities.

[..]individuals attempting to take advantage of those catastrophes, adjusting to shifts in security requirements.

Yup, I can see it happening.

More via Pentagon Declares War on Climate Change » EcoWatch.

Ecostore finds sweet alternative to plastic

Greenpeace calls it not perfect but a move in the right direction and I tend to agree.

Research conducted on the sugarcane containers by its producers in Japan and Brazil showed that every kilogram of carbon capture plastic produced captured 2kg of atmospheric CO2. Comparatively every kilogram of petrochemical produced caused just under 2kg of CO2 to be generated and released.

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The Anti-Science Climate Denier Caucus

Climate change is happening, humans are the cause, and a shocking number of congressional Republicans — over 58 percent — refuse to accept it. CAP Action conducted a fresh analysis of public statements from current Representatives and Senators from the 113th Congress on climate change. Roll over any state on the map below for information on its resident climate deniers, or click on the state to be taken to the full quotes and figures.

via The Anti-Science Climate Denier Caucus | ThinkProgress.

Some interesting read from HP re “big data”

Just some amazing stats from HP. A billion exabytes. And all this data is stored somewhere distributed across  the globe on little spinning magnetic disks… still magnetic disks. Wondering when the change will happen there. I am just imagining in my mind things like power loss, magnetic interferences etc. and our universe is gone. It seems so incredible fragile. Who has not yet lost some data at home? Continue reading

Technology and Kids: Startling Statistics Every Parent Should Know About Addiction to iPhones & Screens

First of all, consider that a majority of kids and teens spend about 75% of their waking lives attached to a screen of some sort. Then consider these startling research facts gathered by the International Center for Media & the Public Agenda (ICMPA). This study asked 1,000 students in ten countries on five continents to quit using technology and media for just ONE day. When that day was over, the researchers asked the students what happened and how they felt, and here’s what they said: Continue reading

* a term combined from the word "Environment" and the greek "logos" (word, reason, plan)