Council and privacy

Now that we are extending our house and the boys are busy outside with foundations and framing, we get an increasing flood of targeted advertising and service offerings delivered into our letterbox. you wonder why that is, as the construction cannot be seen from the road – not at all. Also noticeable is that the way the address is written is exactly as per our building consent application. Continue reading

Take the Sustainable Whanau Challenge | Kaipatiki Project

Auckland households big or small can win big by taking small steps towards living better in the Sustainable Whanau Challenge.

Eco-festivals Ecofest North and Ecowest are throwing down the green gauntlet in this innovative online event, asking people to pick 4 easy eco-actions and sustain them around their home and garden for 3 weeks: 14 March-5 April 2015.

Signing up for the challenge is quick, free and easy by going to . Once registered, participants are sent this infographic:

Over three weeks people’s chosen actions, and their impacts, will be collected using online forms and social media.

via Take the Sustainable Whanau Challenge | Kaipatiki Project.

Solar Energy : This Is What A Disruptive Technology Looks Like

Imagine that solar energy was cheaper than any other energy source. Now imagine that this actually happened a few years ago.

I don’t know how accurate the research and logic behind the joulestandard is, however it seem to be making sense.

If correct, we can expect disruptions – and changes – in just a few years. Maybe this is why the oil price has come down – it simply had to in order to remain competitive. Interesting theory. Continue reading

Significant amendments to the Resource Management Act signalled by Government

According to my experience over the last ten years, it is not the act being the issue, it’s the people interpreting it. Any overhaul should address arbitrary interpretation.

When we talk about resources, we should be discussing effects on land, air, water predominantly, not the color of a facade, some building texture or paving. This is happening right now, where council believes they can dictate architecture and have their personal flavor of development.If they want to control development, a development plan or structure plan is choice, not subjective interpretations and personal opinions.
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Solar Thermal Is Really, Really Dead – or isn’t it?

A very interesting article on solar thermal and solar PV.

it’s now cheaper to heat water with a photovoltaic array than solar thermal collectors.

It would be quite interesting to make up some numbers and comparisons for New Zealand since the install cost for a solarthermal system seems to be high whereas the cost for solar PV seems incredibly low. Continue reading

Intensification – quick thoughts

So let me ask the question again: WHY are we intensifying? So people live in intensified living quarters, to move over intensified motorways into the intensified city centers for work…
Meanwhile Auckland Transport is suggesting to decrease the bus frequencies out West where some of the intensified housing areas are, pushing more cars over the motorways.
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* a term combined from the word "Environment" and the greek "logos" (word, reason, plan)